Lidia & Company
Full name: Lidia
Birthdate: 16/07/84
Nicknames: Valer, Val, Pastelera...
I live in: Laredo (Cantabria) ESPAÑA
Star sign: Cancer
Hair: Brown with blond highlights
Eyes: Green
Tall: 1'70 m.
Hobbies: I love listening to music ¡all the time!, going out with my friends, playing Nintendo64, surf in Internet, computers, doing sport, meet new people.......
Personality: I'm a very quite person, optimist, talkative...
Sports: Skiing, swimming, skating, hockey and basket.
Pet: A dog called Gos
I love: Wear big clothes, draw graffitys, write stories, film with my video_camera and blue color.
BSB: I like them since October-November '96. My fave's are Nick and AJ. I have been in 6 concerts, last year I was in Zaragoza (11.Arpil.98) and this year I have been in all they have done here (except the one in Madrid).
I've met them last year in Zaragoza and this year in San Sebastian(11/07/99).
I think they are wonderfull guys, and that their fame haven't affected their personalities in ANY way, they're so normal guys.
The voice I like the most is AJ's. It's just AWESOME! and then Nick's. Heaven always amazes me.
Food: Spanish' sandwitches, pizza and whatever from McDonald's.
Drink:Coca-Cola and Lemon-Aquarius
Color: BLUE
Films: Star Wars (ALL the films but my fave is "The Empire Strikes Back")
Music: My fave music is pop-rock, hip-hop, rap and R&B. My fave groups are (apart BSB): Oasis, Journey, The Cure and Police. I also like: Nirvana, Blur, Deep Purple, Offspring, Green Day, Lenny Kravitz,.... And I love the rock music from 70's-80's.
Songs: Happy To Give (Journey) and Don't Look Back In Anger (Oasis) and of BSB, my fave lively songs are: Larger Than Life and That's The Way I Like It. And my fave ballads are: Heaven, No One Else Comes Close and after this tour also Don't Wanna Lose You Now.
Animal: Tiger and altought they aren't real animals I love teddy-bears, from all that I have my faves are one called "Illo" and and angel called (gues??) yeah! it's called "Angel"

This is Laredo, in a circle you can see where I live.

On 7th October I met in person two on my best friends: Kris and Dela!

Me, July 2000 :)


Gelin & Illo

11.Julio.99 - Hotel Mª Cristina. (San Sebastián)
If you wanna e-mail

This is my room!

July '99. My friend's and I on my 15 b-day.

July '99. It was 7:30 am, and we are bathing in the beach

July'99. Lara, my mom, Jone, Rebeca y Ainara.

August '98. Cristina, Lara and yo in Santillana del Mar

July '98. My friends and I on my 14 b-day.

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