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11th July 99 10:00 AM
The most eagerly awaited day of this summer finnally arrived and at this time we left from Laredo. It was a really SUNNY and HOT day. The trip was short (just 2 hours or so) and calm (altough we were a bit nervous), we were singing and listening to music

We arrived to San Sebastian at 12:30 or so, and while we were through the city we looked for important hotels. We saw "Aranzazu" one of these important ones, but they weren't there. Then we saw "M Cristina" the hotel we've reserved 4 months ago. In front of it we saw a foreign blue bus...could be... but there weren't fans or more clues, so we went to look for more clues in other hotels.
Finnally we thought that they wouldn't arrive already and we went to our hotel, but this time apart of the blue bus were other 2: a green one and a grey one. There weren't any doubts and besides, there were about 30 fans in the hotel' door. So for 2nd time in my life, my dream were coming true again. BSB were in OUR hotel.

After a while we took our suitcases and we entered in the hotel. When the girls outside the hotel saw us enter there they started to insulting us (when I hear them I felt a bit bad... but anyways, I was going to enter and they couldn't)
Inside the hotel weren't a lot of girls, just 15 or so. We ask some of them and they told us the Boys have arrived the previous day at 2:00 am. And as soon as they enter they went to their rooms... They told us also some stupid things... there are always people like that.

We took our stuff to our room and come back to the hall. We saw two girls with autographs from 2 dancers: Kristin (the red-haired one) and Nicky (the one who dances with Nick in Show Me The Meaning). Without any doubts we went to talk with them, they asked us for our names and we did the same with their.
Then they asked us if we were going to go to the concert and we were talkin with them a bit more. Then we took a pic with them. They are SO NICE!

We didn't move from the hall 'cos it was getting interesting... and besides some people of the hotel have told us that the Boys left the hotel at 16:00 We saw enter some dancers, they came from the beach. My mom was with our video-camera and one of the boy-dancers: Swoop (the one who has his head shaved, and the one who Nick introduces in It's Gotta Be You) he also had a video camera and my mom and him started to filmed each other with their cameras. It was so funny.
There were another dancer (Raymond) wich always he sees the camera, made some faces or something.

We also saw Tommy, he signed us and we took a pic with him. I asked him for Guido and he told me it was with Dennis. He was so nice.
Then we saw Mindy he also signed us and we took another pic with her, she's SO NICE too!

The bodyguards started to come to the hall and to talk with their walkies-talkies, so the Boys wouldn't take too long...
The first was AJ, then Brian, so nice, he smiled to the camera, then NICK (And my heart beating went SO FAST (I mean FAST!!) he was eating chewing gum, he wore a beige trousers, a white vest (so I could see his shark tatto, and it's so cool) and a baseball-cap. My father asked him "How are you?" and he surprised answered "Well, very well!". Then Nick look at me and my two friends and gave us one of the biggest and sweetest smiles I have ever seen in my life.
Almost at the same time Kev came down, he was wearing sandals and he almost fell when he stumble with a carpet. And at last but no least Howie came down. We go outside to see the buses left, but their bus has already left (the grey one) to Anoeta (where the concert was). We saw the dancers-bus (the blue one) they recognize us and they were smiling and waving to us 'till they left.

Then after a while we also went to Anoeta, it was an odyssey find the Velodromo. When we found it there weren't place to park the car, so we have to park in the road (2km far from the Velodromo). We had to walk these 2km. We entered in Anoeta at 19:50, the concert has to start at 20:00, but how was to supose the concert started with delay at 20:45 or so. But we didn't mind the wait 'cos the concert was AMAZING, AWESOME, INCREDIBLE....

THE CONCERT <- Click to read my Into The Millennium Tour review
NOTE: I've been in 5 concerts, now I won't tell you the review of one of these concert, I just tell you a review with things of the 5 concerts I have went to.

We came back to the hotel, and I met a girl that I know from Internet (Miriam) and two of her friends: Iratxe and Anne. They are SO NICE!
Then in the hall we saw Bubba, we took a pic with him and we told him that the show was amazing he told us thank you, and we were talkin with him a bit more. I told him, if he could tell the Boys to look for our Florida's flag in the next concerts, and he told us that he will. We also asked him 'bout the Boys, and he told us that all have gone to dinner except Nick, he told us that he was in his room since the arrive and that he'd be sleeping or playin' video games.

We went to our room to take a shower and in a while we heard girls screaming outside, we went to the window and saw the grey bus so we ran to the hall. Some girls told us that Brian has arrived but he didn't sign to anybody 'cos he said he got headache.
I don't what time it was (around 1:00 am or so). So we stayed in the hall. After a while was AJ who entered in the hotel with Mindy and Kristin, he didn't sign us neither he exactly said this: "Good night all! Sorry but I'm too tired, I gotta sleep. Talk to ya later"

Later was Kev who arrived, but before enter in the hotel he signed to ALL the girls that were outside (they were about 30). And then we signed to ALL of us. My friend Lara and I show him two pics of him in the piano of Zaragoza's hotel, and we told him if he remember. He told us: SURE! and smile at us. I almost die when I heard that. Then I asked him if we could take a pic with him? and he told me (always looking into my eyes with these GREEN eyes) that fisrt he sing us, and then he would take pictures with all. And it was what he did, but the pics was almost with all the girls in the hall. Then he went to his room.

After an hour or so, Kev came back to the hall and he was going to the bar. Lara and I asked him if he was going to play the piano, he told us that he didn't think so, 'cos he was to eat something. We were looking at him he was sitting and talking with Bubba, Swoop, Richmond and Carlos (his bodyguard, he's SO NICE!!!)
After a while Howie entered in the hotel, but when he enter he said no with his hands like saying he didn't want photos, or autographs or nothing. He went to the bar too, and some of us go closer to the bar but his bodyguard that is an STUPID told us "EVERYBODY OUT", and one hotel' person told us that we better didn't take pics or nothing 'cos howie's bodyguard was a rude person, and he could take off our camera' film.
But anyways we stayed there in the hall 'till 4:30 or so, at this time we went to sleep. Before left we saw Dennis Gallo and a dancer (Richmond) both signed and talked with us a bit.

12th July 99 08:30 AM
We woke up, went down to the hall and had breakfast. And 'till 14:00 the time we knew they would left we were talkin with our friends.
We also saw Mindy, who went to breakfast, as Tom (Brian's bodyguard, he was nice too). And also we saw another dancer, he signed us and talk a bit with us. In his sign we could read perfectly "Aleyas" and it's what he told us when we asked his name but Howie when in the concerts introduce him say other name... anyways... He was so nice, and we took a cute pic with him.

At 13:45 we started to see suitcases, and bodyguards, so the Boys won't take too long. Before they left we were talkin with Carlos. We asked him if they were going to sleep in Zaragoza and he told us "no". And then I asked him in wich hotel were they going to stay at in Barcelona? And he told me that they would stay at "Ritz hotel". We also took a pic with Carlos. And he's SO NICE! The last thing you could think is that he's a BSB's bodyguard :)

At 14:00 or maybe after AJ came down, then Brian he looked at us and my friend Loli touched his hand.
Then Howie and Kev came down together. Before Nick left (he took a "bit" long to) Tommy was leaving and we showed him a pic of Zaragoza hotel's bar. In wich he is (and also some time ago he had it in his site) and we (Lara and I) asked him if he remember and he told us "Sure"

Nick took about 20 minutes (the longest 20 minutes of my life) I don't know what he could be doing, maybe finishing a video game :) dunno...
Well, he came down with a cute cap, he was taking his suitcase and a big bag with him. And he went with two bodyguards. When he was in front of me (after take him a pic) I reach my hand to his and he did the same but when our hands were just 10cm. far one of his bodyguards swipe my hand. (I'LL HATE THAT BODYGUARD FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE)! But anyways, Nick has looked into my eyes again, the sweetest blue eyes on Earth has looked at me again . And I won't forget his gaze.... Then Nick entered in the bus and they left.
We were so happy for have seen them and 'cos we didn't have to wait too much for the next time, that afternoon we'd see them again.

We came back here (Laredo) to took my friend Loli home, and then at 18:30 we left to Zaragoza. We arrived there at 21:30. And when we entered in the Pabellon Principe Felipe were exactly 21:43 :) The show had to start at 21:30 but like always...it was delayed.
We were in the floor (like always) first in front of the drums, SO CLOSE to the stage (just 2 or 3 metres) but after The One, we went to what we call Nick's side, 'cos he spends more time in this side. So we were infront of the guitars, in almost the last rows but we didn't mind 'cos we were SO CLOSE too, just 4 or 5 metres. And there we could show our flag perfectly.
In Don't Want You Back, I went to the 3rd row or so, in front of Nick's fence for see every move of his body closer!
At the end, in It's Gotta Be You. Howie saw our flag, and after pointed at us made OK with his hand, Brian also pointed at us, Nick made us a cute face and Kev when in IGBY they sing "It's only you" he pointed at us. I dunno if AJ saw us.

As Carlos told us, in Zaragoza they didn't sleep after the concert they left to Barcelona. But we went to sleep to the hotel we went last year, where we met them. There after had dinner we went to the hotel's bar, and were around the piano (there also were 3 friends: Ainara, Rebeca and Jone, and they also were last year there)...so all of us were remembering that 11th April 98 (when we met them there). There were about 15 girls, all of them have thought that the BSB were going to stay there again.

13th July 99 10:00 AM
We woke up, and took road to Barcelona. We arrived there at 15:15 or so, and there we arranged to meet my friend Cristina. Who was with us 'till the day we left Barcelona.
Before have lunch, we looked for important hotels as we did in San Sebastian, we saw "Ritz" and they weren't there. But Carlos haven't told us a lie, telling us that they we're going to stay at Ritz. They finnally were in hotel "Arts" but this hotel is in a hotel's chain callled: "Ritz Carlton". We tried to reserve a room at "Arts" but it was full. :(

At 18:00, after have lunch, we went to the Palau St Jordi, the doors opened at this time, but when we were inside the Palau we found out that the concert will start at 21:30 (the hour at what it had to start was 20:00 but this show needs clompetly darkness, so 'till 21:30 or 'till would be already dark, the show wouldn't start)
It was SO HOT in there, outside were 30C and inside the Palau were 20000 people and almost the same temperature that was outside.
The wait was really BORED, first there was music and it was a bit funny, everybody singing... but then it wasn't anything. But a really boring wait as always worthed. The show was as the 2 we have already went AMAZING. We were as always in the last floor row (6 metres far from the stage) but sometimes we went closer.
We have been 5 hours waiting since we entered 'till the concert started so when the lights went down, the scream of the 20000 fans that were there, was AWESOME. And the way we sang all the songs was louder than ever.

The concert finished at 0:00 or so, we went to have dinner to somewhere close to "Arts", in the hotel's door were about 30 fans, and we asked them if the Boys were there, they told us that maybe but they (the girls) haven't seen them. So at 2:30 or so, we went to the hotel we had reserved in Barcelona.

14th July 99 11:30 AM
Another interesting (and SUNNY) day started. At 13:00 we went to where we have been the previous night having dinner. It's an interesting place, if you have the chance to go it's called "Villa Olimpica" and there are cafes, restaurants, discos... It's a really cool place. And also so close it's the hotel Arts, wich's one of the most importants hotels of the city, almost all the famous people who went to Barcelona stay at this hotel. Besides it's important, nad people liked 'cos it is near "Villa Olimpica" (Well...this have been a tourist guide breath :)

After "have breakfast" at 14:00, we went to had a walk around there in other restaurant we saw the dancers we met in San Sebastian: Nicky, Kristin and there also was Mindy. We went to talk with them, we told them if they remember us and they told us yes. Then we were talkin with them, about the show, about how we like what they did in the show, I told Mindy that I love the way she plays saxo.... and then before say them c-ya I told them if that night (14th) could they look in the audience for our flag, I told them where we'd be in the audience and then we began our walk around the "Villa Olimpica".

At 17:30 or so we ate some sandwitches. And then we went to the Arts doors for see...NOTHING. That hotel has at least 5 different exits. We were seeing their buses in front of the door. But as we were dioing nothing interesting there we went at 19:30 to the "Palau St Jordi". This time the concert would also start at 21:30, but the wait wasn't boring, there were music... and it was funny.

In this concert, as I have told you we were where Kev flies. And while he was flying we showed him our flag, he saw it and threw us a KISS!! In It's Gotta Be You, Nicky (the dancer) also saw us and started to wave at us all the time, when she saw that I was taking my camera in my hand, she posed for us to take her a pic.
This concert (14th) was broadcast on the Spanish pay-per-view and I read at BSB Band website, that it will be release in video next year, so they'll do something as they have done with the Live 'n Orlando video. First on PPV and then in video.
The famous tenist Carlos Moy went to this concert as well, and we after the concert went to the discos of the Villa Olimpica, maybe some dancers or even the Boys could be there. But wasn't that luck.... anyways we had fun dancing, and we also saw Moya, he signed us and we took a pic with him. At 3:00 we went to our hotel in Castelldefels (a village near Barcelona) wich is a beautiful place, with the beach near... I loved it.

15th July 99 12:00 AM
Our tour finished.... by now. Before left to Laredo we went to Terrassa for take my friend Cristina home. The come-back trip was calm. We arrived here at 1:30 am. The next day (my b-day) I was sleeping 'till 16:00 or so, and when I woke up while I was having lunch my mom told me "Why don't we go to Gijon's concert?" And what could I say? Maybe...YES!!!

18th July 99 11:30 AM
We left from here (my parents Loli, and I). We arrived there at 14:00, and we had reseved a room in an hotel, but they weren't there :( they didn't sleep in Gijon.
The concert started at 22:30 (the first puntual one) it was open air, so in Quit Playin Games they didn't fly (in Madrid was also an open air, and a friend told me they didn't fly neither). We were in the floor, farther that in the other concerts, (8 metres far or so). The best things: My mother and I were all the time with our flag lifted and NICK WAVED AT US!!!! I still can't believe it!!!. Also Howie in the "it's only you" part of IGBY pointed at us. The concert finished at 0:30 or so, we had dinner and we left Gijon at 2:30. We arrived here at 6:30 am, and the next day I was relaxing myself, a bit sad 'cos the BSB weren't in Spain... but anyways they'll come back 'cos....
"...as long as there'll be music, they'll be coming back again..."

Top 5 of the concerts
1 Zaragoza (12.7.99)
2 Barcelona (13.7.99)
3 Barcelona (14.7.99)
4 San Sebastian (11.7.99)
5 Gijon (18.7.99)

Written by Lidia on 22th July 99

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