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* 30th December *
Hola! It's been a month since I last updated... sorry for that but there haven't been any specially important news on the Boys, since they are taking some deserved time off. I haven't got any interesting mags to scan either, so that's why I haven't been updating in a while. Now I've decided to come here to put some pics up and to wish you a very merry xmas and  a happy new year, I hope all your wishes came true and all the happines in the world!

* This is still something to be confirmed. Supposedly AJ and his girlfriend, Sarah Martin, have got engaged. I've some articles regarding that and above all posts on LiveDaily. I don't know if there is any sound file of AJ confirming this by himself but I haven't found it... yet. So that's why this is just some kind of rumor but there are several articles all over the internet so it MAY be true. By the way, Sarah is a soul singer.

* Howie was selected to run with the Olympic torch through Orlando on early December. Here you have a pic.

Click to make it bigger

* The Boys are nominated for the People Choice Awards. They will take place on 13th January and CBS will broacast the ceremony live from 8PM EST on. For more information check the CBS site:  CBS.com. BSB are nominate for Favorite Musical Group or Band along with: *N Sync y Dixie Chicks.

* And well, I don't know what else should I tell you :) It's 7:30AM here and I haven't gone to sleep yet, that's me :) Well, as I've said, I wish you the luckiest and happiest year ever!!!!! Love, Lidia

* 30th November *
Hola! Well, Christmas is around the corner again :) Three weeks more and I will be in my xmas break! at last some time to have a rest! There are not lots of news since B&B tour finished but even so...

* As you know, the tour finished on 25th November in Japan. As far as I know the concert were great and obviously after all those years without going to Japan their fans there were extremedly happy to have them back. They did several radio and TV interviews. In total they did 5 concerts, which finished this tour that started way back in middle-January. After leaving Japan they all went back home. Suposedly they will go to the studio to start working on their new album on February, and this album will be hopefully out by middle-summer. Let's see what happens...

* On 4th December the Billboard Music Awards will take place at the MGM Gran Garden Arena in Las Vegas. The ceremony will be broadcasted by FOX. The boys won't attend to the ceremony though they are nominated for three awards:

Duet/Group of the year
Backstreet Boys
The Beatles
Limp Bizkit
'N Sync

Artist of the year
Backstreet Boys
The Beatles
'N Sync

Album of the year
"Black & Blue" - Backstreet Boys
"1" - the Beatles
"Hotshot" - Shaggy
"NOW! That's What I Call Music Vol. 5" - Various Artists

* And another award thing... they are nominated for 2 awards in the Asia Awards. MTV will broadcast this event on on Feb 2, 2002. They are up for favorite pop act category and favorite video.

* And I think that's all! Love, Lidia

* 15th November *

Hola! What's up? Sorry for haven't updated in a while, but besides I've been busy there hasn't been any specially important news going on... Anyway, I'm telling you some stuff...

* By early November Drowning video was finally premiered! It's a beautiful video, although there's no special concept... As you know the video doesn't look like the pictures we first saw and the ones I have in my site. It's seems like they didn't liked the first one so they decided to re-film it with a new director. This time they chose Nigel Dick, who directed Everybody and LTL for example, although this time the 'concept' is quite different. Drowning doesn't have any special effects or anything. In case you haven't seen it and if you have Real Audio click here to watch it.

A drowning video picture, click to enlarge!

* And in late October Chapter One came out and as far as I know it's doing fine in the charts. Around The World video is avalaible is VHS or DVD. And I think Chapter One video is on sale too, although I haven't seen it here. By the way, if you want to see Chapter One pics, click here.

* Well, it's seems to be almost confirmed 100% that they are NOT coming to Europe on tour :( They talked about it on MTV a month ago or so, and according to them Europe will be the first place they will visit in their next tour. But what I wanna know now it's when will that next tour be? First, they will be supposedly going to start work on their new album around February. And they say this new album will be out by June or so. That's all according to them... but in my opinion I don't think they will release another album until late 2002 or so. They've been for over a year (or more) touring, they DESERVE to spend some time at home relaxing themselves a bit :)

* They are touring Japan next week. I think they will go there this weekend since their first concert is on Monday 19th. If you are Japanese... lucky you :) And if you are going to any of those concerts have fun!!

* 19th October *

Hello!! How are you? I'm very good, and happy cos today it's finally Friday!! Sorry for haven't been able to update in a while, but since I started highschool I've been quite busy, ok... so let's go to the news:

* Well, mainly this update is to tell you about two events scheduled for this weekend, both to support the same matter and in order to raise funds for the families of the people who lost their lives in the September 11 terrorist attacks. To participate in these concerts they have cancelled the last date of their US tour, so as today 19th the US & Canada leg is over.

* The first one will take place tomorrow 20th in the Madison Square Garden in New York. The 'Concert For New York Event' will include performances by lot of artists such as: Paul McCartney, Mick Jagger, Eric Clapton, Billy Joel, the Who, Bon Jovi, James Taylor, John Mellencamp, Macy Gray, Goo Goo Dolls, Melissa Etheridge, Marc Anthony... And there will be also actors such as: Michael J. Fox, Mike Myers or Ryan Phillippe. The concert will be broadcasted live (I think) by MTV and VH1. But if you are in Europe it will be broadcasted on Sunday at 10pm on both channels. And if you can get RTL (a German channel) you can see the concert tomorrow 20th live from 1AM on.

* Then, on 21th the boys will be taking part in the "United We Stand" benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Wash., DC, from Noon-8PM. Other artists scheduled to appear include: P Diddy All Stars, Aerosmith, Maxwell, James Brown, Al Green, Mick Jagger, Michael Jackson, Matchbox 20 & Bette Midler plus celebrities, politicians, sports stars and more to be announced. All proceeds will go to the American Red Cross and The Salvation Army. ABC will broadcast the concert live!. (Taken from bboys.com)

* Drowning video hasn't been premiered yet, I don't really know why exactly. But in the US they are showing lately a Chapter 1 comercial with some Drowning footage and it looks great! Hope to see the vide soon :)

* Catch the Boys next week in the following programs!

10/22 - Interview on The Today Show on NBC (8AM Eastern)
10/22 - Performance and Interview on The View on ABC (11 AM Eastern)
10/23 - Live on MTV's TRL (3 PM Eastern)

* Well, and nothing left to say for now... but don't forget that Chapter One is coming out on 30th this month!

See you soon!! Love, Lidia

* 5th October *

Hi! How are you? I'm just ok, I've been all week with the flu and I'm tired. Anyway, let's think about something better...

* I went to CDNow, to see if they had the Chapter 1 cover and they did! It also seems to be confirmed that the Chapter 1 album will come out on 30th instead of on 23rd. At last in USA (I don't know what will happen in Europe)


* The Boys along with another artists such as Elton John, Lenny Kravitz, Nelly Furtado... will be in the Radio Music Awards. It's not exactly confirmed if they'll be just presenting or also performing. The awards will take place on 26th October and will be broadcasted on ABC at 9PM ET.

* Nothing is still exactly confirmed about when Drowning is gonna be premiered, but let's hope it will be soon! Until then you can see some pictures of the set of Drowning video, I think you haven't seen some of them :) Check them out! Hope you like them ;)

* 28th September *

Hi! How are you doing? I'm a bit tired, I started higschool again on Monday :( Even so, I hope to keep updating often. I can't really put lot of pictures but even being like that I hope you like it anyway. And with nothing left to say...

* Well, let's start with Drowning... the video hasn't been premiered yet anywhere. TRL is supposed to premier it next week, so we'll have to wait and see *crosses fingers:)*

* Drowning single, at least in Europe, will be out on 1st October. I got the cover picture from the Official Japanese site, so I don't know if here it will bethe same, one way or another, it looks great! As you see them in this cover is how they recorded the Drowning video clip.

* Talking about Europe... on 22/23 October (although there are other supposed dates like 30th) Chapter One will be released. But in Europe that same day (22nd) the Around The World video will be avalaible! As you know, it has footage of their 100 hours Black & Blue promotional tour. This is the cover:

* Recently the Boys along with lots of other artist such as *N Sync, Britney, Alicia Keys, P Diddy, Nelly Furtado, Jennifer Lopez, Ja Rule, Bono... and lot of more have recorded a Marvin Gaye cover together. The song's called What's Goin On. The first plans were to record it to benefit worldwide AIDS-relief organizations but now due to the September 11th terrorist attacks, 50% of the benefit will go to the September 11th Fund. If you wanna see some kind of behind-the-scenes video and hear the song click here. You can find the lyrics in the B-Sides/Other songs section in the Lyrics, check it out!

* The Boys are touring USA & Canda at the moment, on 20th October they are finishing this leg. I don't know what will be their next plans once they will be done with this leg, at least I don't know what they are planning to do until the next stop in their schedule which will be in middle November, when they will go to Japan on tour. I guess before that they will do some kind of promo of Chapter 1. When I know anything else I'll let you know.

* This past Tuesday 25th, the MTV Europe Music Awards' nominees were revealled. They will take place in Frankfurt on 8th November. The Boys are not nominated in any of the categories but nobody's saying if, even so, they are attending to the ceremony or not. Nothing's impossible. Through October MTV will announce who's going to perform in the ceremony, so, I'll tell you about it as soon as I know it!

* Cosmo Girl magazine is doing an online survey to decide who will be their cover guy of the special issue of their magazine: Sexiest Guys in the World. Nick and AJ are two of the 'nominees', you can vote for them here.

* I think I'm not forgeting anything. See you soon! And sorry for my English, I'm a bit tired today to think in English :)

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