My fave sites in the Net

<< Para ver esto en Español -> clickea >>>Most of you know this one. It always has news, info and pics in the fan galleries up-to-date. And it's almost updated daily.

Live Daily Forum -> Where fans from basicaly everywhere talk about Backstreet. Maybe this is a best way to get to know the latest info on the Boys. There are lot of nice people there. I love going often. Btw, my screen name there is valer_n64

Backstreet Boys Adult Connection -> Another of the best sites I know. Besides the AMAZING pictures it has, there are lot of info and great fan fiction.

Heart And Soul -> One of the BSB Adult Connection team' girls (Maria) owns this one. Besides her great fan fiction there is a HUGE Nick section with lots of pictures and interesting stuff.

BSB Eye Candy -> It will be back on 30th October!! [Hi Debra!]

Truly Madly Deeply and All Get Kev -> The best Kev's sites I know. Enough said :) [The second one needs Explorer, with Netscape it doesn't work properly] -Hi Randeen and Kim!-

Backstreet Millennium -> It's updated often. And always has the lates media stuff, and pictures too. [Works much better with Explorer]

Here should be included BSBmedia, but it closed. Bianca (BSBmedia owner) decided to close her site because it was lot of work.