Understand girl that my heart is in your hands 

And I'm cautious of fallin' in love again 

Please don't hurt me... 

I'm scared 

Don't desert me 

I'm afraid of being a fool again 


Baby I'm yours if you want me 

(If you want my love) 

Baby I'm yours if you need me 

Lovin' you forever if you want me 

(You gotta give me your love) 

Baby I'm yours if you need me

Realize girl that my faith is kind of torn 

So watch your step girl 

Because my heart is weak and worn 

So won't you please be careful I'm fragile 

I can't imagine the damage 

I'll have to handle 

If you hurt me one more time 

Please be mine



Hey baby I finally found someone 

That I can depend on 

I just want you to know 

That I'm your sweetheart... 

Hey someone that you can depend on... 

Don't you ever go nowhere, baby