This is the review of what happened to me last year when I went to my first BSB concert, and altought it was the first time I was so lucky to meet them in the hotel.
Here I tell you the review of these 2 days, I wrote this review last year exactly on 18th April, but now (Aug.99) I have changed some speelin' mistakes 'cos my English last year wasn't as good as it is right now. And well...with nothing more, I let you read my review.
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11th & 12th April 98
11th April finally arrived... at 14:10 we (my parents, Lara and I) left to Zaragoza from here (Laredo).
The trip was very calm, we were listening music, looking through the windows and talking about what could happen that night in the concert.

At 18:50 or so we arrived to Zaragoza. We wanted to go first to our hotel for took our suitcases and stuff there, and then go to the Pabellon Principe Felipe (where the concert was) but we got lost and arrived first to the Pabellon, there were a LOT OF FANS (the doors opened at 20:00). Seeing that, we wanted to stay there 'till the concert time... but we dind't changed our plan and went to our hotel (Melia Zaragoza) first.
We arrived there at 19:00 and when we took the hotel' street the first thing we saw was: 2 buses, 3 police's vans and fans around there. We couldn't believe what we were seeing, we couldn't believe that something that we have never imagined was happening to us, we couldn't believe that: BSB WERE IN OUR HOTEL!!!.
Then we entered in the hotel. In the hall were fans, about 15 or so. There we met 3 girls: Ainara, Rebeca and Jone. And we started to talk with them, they told us BSB had arrived that day at 15:00 and that maybe we could see them 'cos they had to left to the Pabellon. But there weren't that luck for us, they left the hotel from the garage :(

It was 20:00 and we left to the Pabellon too, while we waited to enter we met our friends again, we were talking 'till 20:45 when we finnally entered
While we were waiting impatiently to 22:00 (the hour of the concert) we met another girl: Lorena
At 21:50 Pollyana (Howie's sister) appeared in the stage and she teached us a kind of "show scream" something like: UUuu UUuu Backstreet Boys!!. What we didn't stop to repeat 'till the show started.

At 22:10 the lights slowly went off...when everything was dark suddenly we heard an explosion and the delirium of all of us began, THE CONCERT started!!!.
It was INCREDIBLE!! THEY were THERE, THEY were THEM... I don't know what I felt in that moment but it was AMAZING... the concert was awesome, amazing, wonderfull... They started with That's The Way I Like It, I Wanna Be With You and Hey Mr. DJ...
Then each one BSB sang their solos first Howie sang My Heart Stays With You while he gift roses to the audience, later in the stage AJ appeared with his hair dyed in red and he sang Lay Down Beside Me, then was Kev's turn he sang Nobody But You, the next was Brian, he sang with his guitar That's What She Said, it was very beautiful, when ALL of us sang with him and last but, of course, not least NICK. Our screams went LOUDER when we saw him. And me, when I saw him, I don't know what I felt, he was so gorgeous, his baby-blue eyes, his amazing voice, his blond hair, he was so sexy... and he sang Heaven the most beautiful song that I have heard in my life and I couldn't stop my feelings, I started to cry... he was there, singing this song wow!!... I was in love with him before the concert but when I saw him there as I saw him... I was even deeper in love with him ...

After that, dressed in light-blue sang Let's Have a Party, and then Quit Playin' Games while themselves played the instruments: Nick the drums, AJ and Howie the guitar, Kev the keyboards and Brian the percussion...
At the middle of the song they introduced the BSB Band who put on the instruments again while the boys finished the song
Then they sang All I sang Have To Give, after they tried to turn us crazy singing Donde Quieras Yo Ire and Nunca Te Hare Llorar, 'cos they made a mix in English and in Spanish and we didn't know in what language sing... but it was funny and very emotional to us hear them singing in Spanish
Then they sang As Long As You Love Me... and at the end of the song they made the "chair dance"...It was PERFECT.

Here a lot of people thought that the concert had finished but NO!. They disappeared for a while and they came back to the stage to the final "bomb" of the concert.
They began with Get Down and they make a mix with We've Got It goin'on.... They didn't stop dancing (just watch them was tired) their choreographies were so perfect. When We've Got It GoinŽOn finished they left.
But we all knew that they'll appear again with the last song: Backstreet's Back, a kind of promise that they'll come back again.

After 2 minutes or so a screen (apart from the 4 that there was) was lifted in the middle of the satge and we saw the video clip of Everybody and the music of the "Extend version". Later at the end of the video when they all scream we all also screamed so loud.
Suddenly in the stage 5 black figures that took with them 5 coffins, appeared and after a while the 5 coffins opened and there were them we screamed again and suddenly from the border of the stage came out 5 fire blazes...
Then they started to sang Everybody, they were WONDERFUL, they had never danced so brilliant that song.
When Nick said the sentence that drive all of us crazy (Am I sexual?) I had never seen him move this way... Nick is CRAZY, in the whole concert he was all the time doing crazy things (and also wild moves). He's just the best!

Well and sadly after they said Backstreet's back Alright! The five joined their hands, said bye bye and the concert finished... before leaving Nick thrown above himself a bottle of water making us scream so loud and later he threw it to the audience...
During the concert happened more things like when AJ broke his T-shirt while he sang Get Down's rap or when Nick was in the stage and he made as if he was fighting with Obie (one of the musicians) and he threw himself on the floor... and many more things that I would need all my web to explain...
But in a few words the concert was: THE MOST AMAZING THING I HAVE SEEN IN MY LIFE

The concert finished at 23:50 or so, when we leaving I bought a Nick's poster, a European Tour t-shirt and a bracelet. Outside the Pabellon were a lot of people and many cars but we could find a taxi...
We went at 0:30 to a restaurant for dinner but we didn't have hungry...
At 2:15 we took another taxi to go to the hotel, when we arrived in the hall were some girls. They told us that Kev and Brian were in hotel' bar.
So...we went there we met with our friends again and they were looking toward the other side of the bar. We looked to that side and WE SAW KEV!!!He was there, it was incredible...

Our friends told us Brian was being there with his bodyguards, some musicians and also with Leighanne. They also told us that one of musicians Tommy was playing the piano and that he was very nice.
At 3:15 us (we were 11 girls) put ourselves around the piano and we started to look at Kev and at last he come and started to play the piano... only for us. After a while some girls told Kev why he didn't play 10000 Promises? And He played it!! But as he didn't want to sing we sang it. It was very beautiful!! He playing the piano and we singing...
At some time while he were playing he lifted his head and looked all of us with THESE GREEN EYES!
Later Kev played a song that he had composed and it was already 4:00 and he had to leave but before left the bar he signed to all of us... He was very nice with us...
It was 4:15 and he left the bar I could touch him his!
Before Kev left I asked to his bodyguard (He's so nice) Where's Nick? And he told me that he was sleeping since they have arrived.
At 4:30 we went to our room but we didn't sleep, we were talking and looking through our window...

At 7:45 I looked from our window and I saw that people were taking suitcases in the buses so we went down to the hall, the BSB won't take too long, and this time we'll see them perfectly.
While we waited I met 2 girls Geno and Ana. At 8:05, Howie came down and he went to have breakfast I touched his sweater. While we were waiting we saw bodyguards, a lot of suitcases in one of them was a sticker in where was writing "Sweet D". We also saw Denise McLean.
After 20 minutes or so AJ and Kev came down in the same elevator, AJ said HOLA!! he looked at us and later I could touch his arm It was WOW!! I felt his skin in my hand!! It was incredible!.
Then we had to wait again, while we waited Howie left to the bus...
At 8:45 FINNALLY the elevator on the left oppened and protected by 2 bodyguards was the boy of my dreams..yeah! there was NICK!! I could not believe that he was there in front of me... but I had to react quickly, I wanted to took him a pic and I put myself in front of him and I took it... but when I turn the bodyguards pushed me, but a hand pushes me softer I suppose that he would be Nick...
He arrived to the bus and after put off the yellow vest he was wearing he came to the bus door and signed all the autographs he could, he didn't sign to me but I didn't mind 'cos I had him, just 50 cm far from me for 10 minutes and when he had already signed a lot of autographs he shrung his shoulders like saying "Sorry!!"... and in that moment looked at me with THESE BEATIFUL BLUE EYES. Only were 2 seconds but... it was something INCREDIBLE (I'll never forget that moment)
Then Nick put his hand in his lips and threw us a kiss in the sweetest way I have seen, and he entered in the bus...
Nick is a wonderful boy, he is very nice and very attentive with the fans... and wow! I don't have words he's so...EVERYTHING... and of course he is so GORGEOUS!!! He's more gorgeous in person...
Then we entered in the hall again... 'cause Brian still didn't come down... In just 5 minutes or so, he came down with his bodyguards and also with Leighanne...and telling you the truth he wasn't as kind with us as I imagined him, he didn't even look at us, all the other BSB were signing in the door of the bus, but when Brian entered the door bus inmediately closed... maybe he had a bad day)...
And once all were inside of the bus it was already 9:20 and sadly the bus left.

And in this way finished THE BEST 24 HOURS OF MY LIFE!!! And now I hope BSB come back soon to Spain for live something like this... BSB 4ever!!!!

Written By Lidia on 18th April 98

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