28th February 2016:
Backstreet Boys is how it all started exactly nineteen years ago.
This is how it continues: Encore! by Beste Bat

May 2011: Finally, after a LONG while, 99% of the pictures are back online again! (the other 1% are only 18 pictures that I haven't found yet in any of my backup CDs). So now you can enter, go back in time and see this site exactly like it was the last time I updated it. But lots of other changes are on the way at nickajkev.com (aka lidiabsb.surf.to) so stay tuned!

July 2010: You know what? This site was created in the summer of 1998 by a 13-year-old girl who learned HTML all by herself which happens to be me and who, now, being an almost 26-year-old professional programmer and web developer (with an amazing musical eclecticism) decides to revamp it completely for the shake of the good times and maybe to widen horizons further than I could ever imagine and make it something really huge (or at least I hope so!). Stay tuned ;)

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